Most of my music projects and collaborations on various productions are spread around the web, through several platforms. On this page you will only find a few solo-projects; mostly albums, EPs and compilations I released during the years.

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Polymateric | 2008


Andrea Milana recently moved to Malta where much of his time is spent writing and producing some of the most exceptional electronic music ever to have made it out of the digital realm and into our hearing perimiters. Indeed, there is much to be absorbed.. so much in fact that one minute we’re taken willfully into rich Jean Michel Jarre styled landscapes and then in another instant we’re off to diverse pastures laced with later 1980’s nuances. The tracks that do it for me are those numbered between 1 and 10… there’s so much flawlessness in there that it’s just too difficult to choose between the various audio astonishments! Andrea Milana to me, is a consummate musician/composer with the kind of arrangements that make his productions glow eternally in the dark.

Polymateric is the kind of album you need to own if your musical collection is mainly made up of examples of excellence. It’s those kinds of collections that become treasure chests filled with diamonds. Andrea Milana in producing Polymateric.. just went and added one of the biggest diamonds I have seen in a long while!

Colin Lynch | 2009


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Something of Mine | 2001


Andrea Milana’s Something of Mine is a particularly inventive album on so many levels. Here we have Andrea Milana investigating and exploring all kinds of themes from the futility of war in I’m not a soldier, to the utterly fantastic collage that is The Wings of Freedom with it’s unique delivery of meandering slide acoustic supporting Jean Michael Jarre reminiscent symphonia which we have played about two dozen times so far! Something of Mine is a temptingly brilliant cohesion between steady beat supported piano, delightfully skilled bass work, and the Milana blessing of melody and ingenuity all blended into one very fine piece of instrumental work.

The thing that makes Andrea Milana a frontier artist is his almost stubborn insistance that everything should be right for the right reasons when he really could have just put his elbow on the keys and made the album shine! What I like about Ghosts of the Past is the catalog of sounds that have been assembled so brilliantly it makes you marvel at the technical wizardy in the sound engineering and production alone. Without Destination, on the hand, is a brilliant rhythmic adventure in strong compostion with the kind of informed electronica you’d normally have accompanied by lasers and mirrors and plasma screens and such. Hope at Dawn is one of those tracks that makes your attention span ridiculously wide as you follow the notes all over the place and right into some kind of chasm of supersounds!
Andrea Milana’s ‘Something of Mine’ is excellence at whatever level you’re residing on and one of the wiest things you can do right now is to make immediate arrangements to have this album holding pride of place on the better half of your CD shelf!

Colin Lynch | 2009


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Brainwaves | 2010
My Years with Fast Tracker II
Vintage Games Remixes

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